Wednesday, 5 November 2014


yeay, I'm back. online. noooo idea how I should start.

currently it's raining cats and dogs (use a english proverb - check), however our laundry room is still dry, unlike last time when we had such heavy rain. the electricity had been switched off as a result of the water which had come through the hole in the roof (something about cables, water, blabla), so no washing in our house for about two weeks, caused a lot of frustration.
anyway, enough austrian moaning for today. at the moment everything's fine, nice cup of tea, spekulatius biscuits, pyjamas (:

brighton, kraftklub concert, halloween at dafna, first rugby game, rugby halloween social, shopping in reading. that's basically my activities of the last three weeks (just looked it up, "only" three weeks since the last blog entry). between those more or less exciting happenings I had some "normal" working weeks, routine, which has actually done me good. I found time for reorganization (haha I have a lot of plans and schedules now, weekly schedule, monthly plans, january-june overview, etc), thinking about travel destinations, goals for the remaining 8 (!!) months, catching up with my diary, doing some decorating in my room.

with Dani and Maria in Brighton

chilly but great weekend

lovely fingers for halloween

our halloween food *-*

selfie including social sec photobomb

rugby halloween crew

that's actually a good point - my wall. you know, I've started to put all these postcards and letters I've received so far plus some other things like train tickets from special trips on my wall, an attempt to personalize my room which by the way is not really one of my strengths. while sorting the thousands and thousands of postcards and letters I noticed that 99.98 per cent are from my parents (the other 0.02 per cent are split between my brother and sophie). BIG THANK YOU FOR EVERY ONE OF THOSE; I assume since mummy and daddy have heard me moaning about my empty wall " post to pin there.." they have created a plan in order to provide me with material, every now and then I get delivered a nice austrian postcard (the other day it was replaced by a parcel full of food - apparently to much moaning about being broke too) (:
well. some of you might have already become suspicious. not for no reason, here it comes, the hint for you my dear friends (:
I reeeeally like my family, however I'm sure they'd love to share my wall's remaining space with the whole lot of you (; and even though that would mean some work for me as well (which I at home generally try to avoid), I'd love to have things which remind me of you in my room. so, if you find some time, I'd be very happy about a few postcards (: (if not, fair enough, I know how busy everyday life can be).

I know, not an exciting blog entry this time, I hope I'll find some time for something more interesting soon (:

plans for the following two months:
-rise against concert in southampton
-dafna party
-rugby england vs samoa at twickenham stadium
-mexican food weekend in oxford
-london with jesus?
-visit of my brother
-christmas in dafna
-new year's eve in london
- 04/01/15-10/01/15 (skiing <3) -holiday in austria !!!

greetings to everybody, good night (:

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