Wednesday, 30 July 2014

rainy country?

cheers dear blog-followers :P

again, we're enjoying an absolutely beautiful day here in crowthorne, berkshire. since I arrived in the UK we had about 5 days of rain, that's exactly what I had expected - NOT ! but I won't complain, I'm very grateful for these warm days here at lattitude 51° north, so against all expectations it was not totally absurd to bring tank tops to the UK.
however, here are some pictures of our first real rain (it was pouring heavily, I was almost soaking wet after stepping outside for about 4 seconds to close the door):

on friday evening we started to celebrate bianka's birthday, at 12 o'clock her birthday cake (a real austrian sacher torte, had taken me about 2.5 hours) was presented. although she didn't succeed in blowing down all the candles at once, we wish her all the best for her future (:

we've got blacklight :D

happy birthday !

v.l.t.r Julie, me, Yiwen and Sarah

my following days were characterized by extreme laziness, nevertheless I managed to leave the house three times. the first time to pick up the new volunteer from albania - her name is elisa - at saturday evening (she was not on the expected train, so julie picked her up later). then on sunday to show elisa wellingten college together with julie and last but not least at sunday evening finn, julie and me went to the bowling center in bracknell with some staff of tova, finn's house.

now I have to go to work, it's the afternoon shift today, 2-9.

byebye (:

PS: today I found a very pretty place in the forest while I was running - some pictures, don't know if they can describe the aura of this place.


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